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Case "Keep Your Hands Sharp" Campaign Encourages Handiwork

Posted by Fred Feightner on

Case knives are high quality tools that can be used everyday, whether on the job or around the home workshop. They can help with countless tasks, from peeling an apple to completing works of art. And in each case, that work is done with human hands.

Today, Case launched a video to touch off one of the largest consumer marketing campaigns in its company's history in support of this ideal. The campaign, dubbed Keep Your Hands Sharp, sets out to showcase talented people whose creative work is done almost exclusively by hand. Case employees will also be featured throughout the campaign to demonstrate the local craftsmanship that has gone into Case knives for nearly 130 years. 

Popular social media influencers will also contribute their own original work and share the inspirational stories that led them to commit their careers to work done by hand.  

The campaign will be delivered largely through digital channels, with additional messaging through traditional media and in-store collateral. 

"The 'Keep Your Hands Sharp' campaign is really the first of its kind at Case," says Brent Tyler, Case's Senior Brand Manager. "It marks a revolutionary change in the way we understand our consumers' wants and needs. It shares a collective concern about where we might end up if we don't begin challenging ourselves to do work with our own two hands. We're excited to see how well consumers will connect with the messaging in this fun and engaging campaign." 

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