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Case® collaborates with Winkler Knives for American Heroes Knife Series

Posted by Chelsea Place on

American Heroes Knife Series

The American Heroes Knife Series are collaborations aimed at celebrating American heroes, an idea brought to life by Case’s historic military contributions and Winkler Knives’ ongoing involvement in U.S. Special Operations. The knives is manufactured at Case in Bradford, PA, using blade and handle materials provided by Winkler Knives in Boone, NC. Each is built by an elite team of Case® knife artisans whose work is held in strict quality and performance standards equaling the reputation of Winkler Knives’ custom manufactured blades.


Case Winkler Hambone

Case® Winkler Hambone

Clint's loves of the outdoors and vision for Hambone are infused into this high-performance knife that blends some of the best aspects of the American Heroes knives that came before it. Features like a more exaggerated blade curve, precise edge geometry, a tough handle and a balanced, comfortable grip combine with a beautiful design flow that one can only appreciate once they put it to use. The tough 80CrV2 blade steel provides extra strength while the additional glass breaking/impact extension makes Hambone an ultra-versatile tool. Everything from carving sticks for campfire treats to skinning game to more extreme survivalist tasks are made for Hambone. 

Hambone was a U.S. Army pack mule who spent his entire 14-year military career carrying supplies and ammo for troops everywhere. People say he enjoyed the noteriety he received as a spectacular jumper and an extraordinarily hard worker. Hambone’s memorial lies in Fort Carson, Colorado, where Clint and his team were based.

Eight stars are aligned along the top of the knife’s spine to memorialize the eight brave members of Clint’s elite Cavalry team lost on October 3, 2009 during the Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan that pitted the Clint’s small team of warriors against hundreds of Taliban insurgents that day. The daylong firefight is recognized as one of the most intense battles fought in the entire 13-year history that was Operation Enduring Freedom. Its story is retold by now author Clint Romesha’s book, Red Platoon.  

More about Case® Winkler Hambone.

"As a testament to my old unit - and an amazing animal that was part of the Cavalry for years -what better way to recognize him and the job he did for our brothers that went before us." .

— Clint Romesha

About Clint Romesha

Clint Romesha is an American hero who honorably served his country in the U.S. Army for more than 12 years. In 2009, Romesha was section leader assigned to Bravo Troop, 3-61 Cavalry, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division during the deadly attack on the Kamdesh district for which he received the Medal of Honor for his leadership, bravery and valor. He has since separated from the U.S. Army and lives in North Dakota.


Recurve Utility No. 6

Case® Winkler Recurve Utility No. 6

This unprecedented project combined decades of experience between knife design and manufacturing with Bologna’s 20+ years of field experience in high-threat situations to create a fixed blade that bridges versatility with reliability. An extra thick, skeletonized 80CrV2 steel blade and comfortable cloth laminate handle combine uncompromised strength with balance to get jobs done. High performance edge geometry yields longer cutting strokes at almost any angle, while the careful gimping along the blade’s spine provides a safer biomechanical advantage during close up work. An extended, widened pommel provides for an ideal striking surface for pounding stakes. It’s easy to see the advantages built within your Case® Winkler Recurve Utility No. 6.

A Slim® Matte Black Zippo® windproof lighter is also included, which fits neatly into a tough thermoplastic holder that attaches to the sheath, so you always have a way to start a fire.

You know you’ve got a heavy duty working knife in your hand when you’re holding it, but it’s only right if it doesn’t feel cumbersome or uncomfortable in any way. This one is just right.

— Daniel Winkler

About Harry Bologna

Harry Bologna

An American hero, Harry Bologna, honorably served his country as a Navy SEAL for 22 years earning many awards and decorations for heroism, and for his leadership, bravery, and valor. He served in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) and was deployed to support both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He executed hundreds of special operations in high-threat enemy held territory. On October 22, 2015 he stepped on a pressure plate IED in Afghanistan and immediately lost both his lower legs. His team sprang into action. Thanks to their bravery and courage, he arrived at the field trauma center in the nick of time. After enduring more than a year of grueling rehabilitation, Harry has staged a remarkable comeback, walking and living an active life again. Bologna lives his life just like this knife – beast-mode – ready to tackle any job that needs to be done head-on.

It’s about paying respects to all those American heroes who make this country so great, so it’s an honor for me to represent them in this project.

— Harry Bologna


Case® Winkler Skinner

The Case® Winkler Skinner is a new fixed blade knife crafted collectively by Case® and Winkler Knives. The design is the result of a decades-long career in knife making by Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler and the extensive experiences of retired U.S. Army Special Operator and Navy SEAL Kevin Holland.

However, this is not just any other collaboration between knife makers. This knife is the first in a planned series of collaborations aimed at celebrating American heroes, an idea brought to life by Case’s historic military contributions and Winkler Knives’ ongoing involvement with U.S. Special Operations. The knife is manufactured in Case’s modern production facility by an elite team of knife makers whose work is held to strict quality standards and made to perform like an original Winkler Knives II.

This high-performance field knife is lightweight, well balanced and built for dependability. The flat ground, distal tapered Trailing Point blade is made from tough 80CrV2 steel, known for its enduring lateral strength, superior edge retention and ease of sharpening. The full tang is skeletonized and tapered to reduce weight and improve balance. 

The knife is accompanied by a molded black leather sheath that’s specially reinforced to help keep its shape, ensuring a continually snug fit when not in use. A reversible belt attachment accommodates carrying the knife on either side of the body. All of these premium features make the Case® Winkler Skinner the perfect ally to take on hiking, camping and hunting adventures, and a welcome addition to any military operator’s kit.

The knife’s name, “Skinner”, reflects Holland’s years as a young hunter and trapper who relied on his Case Slimline Trapper to field dress small game and clean fish in the mountains of North Carolina. It is this story which inspired a Commanding Officer to assign “Skinner” as Holland’s nickname during SEAL Team selection, a title by which he answers to even today.


About Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland is an American hero who has honorably served his country as a Navy SEAL and an elite member of U.S. Army Special Operations. He completed more than 2,000 combat missions in multiple deployments across the globe, earning many awards and commendations for his leadership, bravery and valor. As a seasoned hunter/trapper in his civilian life, Holland’s on-the-ground days as a woodsman and as a Tier 1 Operator have made him an invaluable independent knife designer and consultant.


About Daniel Winkler & Winkler Knives

Daniel Winkler

Daniel Winkler is an award-winning Master Bladesmith who has spent more than 30 years mastering metallurgy and blade geometry. His early recognition came from hand-forging early American-styled knives and axes, a skill that caught the eye of Hollywood film producers who selected Winkler to craft historical reproductions of weapons. He has had the honor of working with units within the U.S. Military and Allied Forces around the world to meet their life-and-death needs for specialized edged tools, a development that prompted the establishment of the Winkler Knives II product line that continues to serve our armed forces across the world.


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