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Knife Maintenance

Everyone would love to purchase a Case knife and have it remain in its perfect, brand-new state forever. But, we all know that once you start using your Case, you never stop. Here’s how you can keep those knives looking sharp and working great.

Cleaning and Care

Most experts agree that the number one rule to follow when cleaning any knife is to work patiently and slowly. If you work too fast or clean too much, you may damage the knife and reduce its value. Watch these tips to properly clean your knife and extend the life of your investment.

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Sharpening Your Knife

The proper method for sharpening a steel blade is one of the most debated topics among knife owners. There's no single best way to sharpen a blade, but it is an important skill because a dull blade can be dangerous. Check out these tips that all knife owners can use.

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General Knife Safety

A knife can be dangerous if not properly handled, cleaned, or used. So, we strongly encourage you to follow some basic rules about knife safety. Take a look at these tips on practicing good knife habits and preventing injuries.

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