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Introducing the New Bridgeline - Heritage Design XX Modern Made
Case 6.5 BoneStag® Razor Front View on a Wooden Background

The Razor Returns

The (005RAZ) Razor is the highly anticipated 2024 Case XX® Vault Pattern!


Chris Taylor Fixed Blades

The Latest From Bradford, PA

Zebra Wood

A truly beautiful and durable exotic wood species.

It gets its name from its signature stripes that occur naturally as it grows.

Harvest Orange Bone

Crafted with an attention to detail.

Our Peach Seed Jigged Harvest Orange Bone Knives are a testament to the artistry of what pocket knives should be.

Blue Denim

Nothing beats the comfort and durability of classic American denim.

Our new Blue Denim Canvas Laminate handles provide a smooth, comfortable fit in hand while the mirror-polished, stainless steel blades help to resist rust.

Our Best Sellers

The ShowCASE

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