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It's the Return of the Case Barlow!

Posted by Fred Feightner on

Case proudly announces it has revived the Barlow pattern for 2019, after years of being locked away inside the Case XX Vault!

This traditional jack knife pattern dates back to 18th century England, and the popularity it enjoyed overseas as a hard-working and affordable tool option eventually brought it to the United States during the mid-to-late 19th century. Its design meant that individuals from all walks of life could enjoy the diversity and utility of the Barlow, no matter the trade or occupation.

The Barlow ('009 pattern) was undoubtedly among the first patterns ever manufactured at Case, and the pattern has remained a historic favorite among knife fans.

The knife's extra-long bolster on the pocket end and its 'barehead' cap end gives the Barlow its distinctive look while helping to preserve the knife's overall integrity over years of use. A wide variety of handle colors and materials and varying blade configurations, including Spear, Clip, or Clip/Pen blade models, will ensure Case fans can find a Case Barlow to suit them. 

Nine unique Barlows have been prepared for introduction into the Case line for 2019, each with different handle colors, jigs and blade variations. The Barlow pattern will go back into the Case XX vault at year's end.

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