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Knives that help global reforestation efforts.

Knives to help American reforestation efforts.

About The Program

Case's roots are firmly planted in the Allegheny Mountain Region, an area renowned for its natural resources, great hunting and fishing, and plentiful outdoor recreational activities. Our surroundings have influenced and inspired our latest partnership.

It’s with a shared appreciation for nature, and desire to sustain it for future generations, that Case has aligned with WOODCHUCK USA, planters of millions of trees across six continents, to create this special collection of knives. For every knife sold from this collection, a tree will be planted to aid in the reforestation of threatened natural habitats in the United States.

How It Works

Purchase A Knife

Must be one of the knives in the Case x WOODCHUCK USA collection.

We Will Plant A Tree

Through WOODCHUCK USA's Buy One Plant One® reforestation program.

Find Your Tree

Use the unique code included with your purchase to fill out the form below.

Shop The Case x WOODCHUCK USA Collection

Each knife features as-ground Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel blades and brushed stainless steel handles with custom laser-marked Cedar wood emblems on both sides.

USA Flag Design - Executive Lockback

Triangle Design - Executive Lockback

Camo Design - Executive Lockback

Giraffe Design - Executive Lockback

Line Design - Executive Lockback

Find Your Tree

You will be redirected to Woodchuck USA's website.

Locate this label on the packaging
of your Case x WOODCHUCK USA knife.

Our Home Is A Reforestation Success Story

Circa 1900 Photo from Bradford area showing forests cut down for oil derricks.

Photo from Bradford area today showing revitalized second growth forests.

We care about reforestation because we have lived it.

Case knives are made in Bradford, PA and Bradford's history is a part of our heritage.

In 1861 the first oil well in the Bradford area was drilled and by 1884 Bradford was one of the top oil producing areas of the world. At the same time the forests surrounding our town also supported a thriving timber industry. These booms created great economic prosperity for our town, but it also led to the near depletion of the forests that surrounded the area. Old photographs of Bradford show barren hills speckled with oil derricks.

In 1911, the United States Congress passed the Weeks Act which allowed the federal government to buy land to establish National Forests. The Allegheny National Forest, which surrounds Bradford, was established in 1923 and at the time was jokingly referred to as the "Allegheny Brush-Patch" as people believed the forest would never recover. With oversight from the Forest Service, new concepts in forest management were implemented throughout the region and the forests were able to recover and grow into a renewed and thriving ecosystem.

Today, while oil and timber remain important industries in the area, these second growth forests help support our local economy through the recreational activities they provide.


WOODCHUCK USA gives back to nature by planting trees in support of their branded products. To date, WOODCHUCK USA has planted millions of trees on six different continents. Through the support and involvement of local communities, governments and business funding, WOODCHUCK USA’s efforts help life sustaining activities such as farming, fishing and trade making to raise living standards in local villages across the globe.

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