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Introducing the Case® x Winkler Knives® Kyle Lamb Hunter

Posted by Chelsea Place on

Designed by a real American hero, the NEW Case® x Winkler Knives® Kyle Lamb Hunter offers a versatile fixed blade with a fresh design

Case proudly announces the release of its latest collaboration with Winkler Knives as part of a co-branded American Heroes Series. The NEW Case® x Winkler Knives® Kyle Lamb Hunter is a must-have, not just for hunting season, but for use in the outdoors year-round.

Kyle Lamb, co-designer of the Kyle Lamb Hunter.

The American Heroes Series is a collaboration aimed at celebrating some very special American Veterans, an idea brought to life by Case’s historic military contributions and Winkler Knives’ ongoing involvement in providing specialized edged tools to U.S. Special Operations. Tapping these storied legacies of helping to affect U.S. Military achievement, both companies called upon their strengths while inviting real American heroes to help forge each new product and its corresponding market launch. The new Case® x Winkler Knives® Kyle Lamb Hunter is no exception, having been co-designed by Kyle Lamb, a survival and tactical expert, successful entrepreneur, author and bladesmith hobbyist who spent 15-plus years with the Army’s Special Mission Unit, conducting combat operations in high-threat theaters of war which include Bosnia, Iraq, and Mogadishu, Somalia.

The Kyle Lamb Hunter is for serious hunters, outdoors survivalists, weekend campers or those who simply want an ultra-versatile tool that stands up to the rigors of hard work in any environment. This fixed blade measures 9 ½” (24.1 cm) overall and weighs 7.5 oz (213 g), and features an innovative design that includes a 5” (12.7 cm) long, 3/16” (5 mm)-thick, full tang 80CrV2 carbon steel blade. Super sharp out of the box, the Kyle Lamb Hunter’s unique spear point blade shape features a sabre taper grind that makes it ideal for processing game of any size. The pointed tip is ideal for puncturing and accessing small, hard to reach spaces; the edge design promotes any type of cutting technique, from slicing to skinning to caping. The blade is treated with a dark Caswell coating to preserve its original finish out of the box.

Case x Winkler Knives Kyle Lamb Hunter
Item #43182

The skeletonized tang promotes better balance for smooth, accurate cutting. Additional features like deep gimping along the spine and choil, a prominent finger guard and a durable black canvas laminate handle combine to ensure a solid grip with added ergonomic support during use.

The custom formed Kydex sheath bears a unique water jet-cut graphic and the included belt plate allow for comfortable carry options. A lanyard hole at the handle end makes hanging the Kyle Lamb Hunter quick and easy whenever you need both hands.

The advantages you get with the Case® x Winkler Knives® Kyle Lamb Hunter are easy to see. In fact, Kyle Lamb has authorized his own name to be stamped into the blade tang to further demonstrate the superb quality and performance of this knife in any situation, from hard-core survival to more common outdoor lifestyle activities. Add one to your pack for your next land venture and discover what it feels like to use a premium fixed blade knife made by two historic knife manufacturers and designed by a highly experienced U.S. Special Operations Veteran.

To celebrate the launch of the Kyle Lamb Hunter, Lamb and Winkler have collaborated to produce a special hand-forged model of this unique blade that will be given away to one lucky winner. Consumers can enter for a chance win the “Kyle Lamb Hunter Sweepstakes” on each day beginning August 7; the contest will end September 30, 2020.

The Case® x Winkler Knives® Kyle Lamb Hunter will be available for purchase from Case authorized dealers and online at starting October, 2020.

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