V-Sharpening Kit

V-Sharpening Kit

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This V-Sharpening kit includes a 6 inch soft Arkansas stone on two preset angles on a solid wood base. This kit also includes a 1 ounce bottle of honing oil. The Soft Arkansas is a coarse stone. Coarse stones are the foundation stones of any sharpening kit. Using a coarse stone is the fastest way to get a good shape on an edge. The Case honing oil is designed for use with sharpening stones while sharpening. Only a very little dab is needed when sharpening so the oil will last you a while. This kit comes conveniently packaged in a plastic pouch. Proudly made in the USA.

  • 6 inch soft Arkansas stone on two preset angles
  • 1 ounce bottle of honing oil
  • Solid wood base; Stores easily in drawer
  • Great for sharpening any fixed blade or pocket knife
  • Made in USA

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